Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013 Winners

Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry 2013 : Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt, Arieh Warshel

Nobel Prize CategoryYearWinners
Chemistry2013Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt, Arieh Warshel

"for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems"

Nobel Prize,Chemistry 2013,Winners
Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt, Ariieh Warshel

Martin Karplus (born March 15, 1930) is an Austrian-born American theoretical chemist. He is the Theodore William Richards Professor of Chemistry, emeritus at Harvard University. He is also Director of the Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory, a joint laboratory between the French National Center for Scientific Research and the University of Strasbourg, France. Karplus has contributed to many fields in physical chemistry, including nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, chemical dynamics, quantum chemistry, and most notably, molecular dynamics simulations of biological macromolecules. He has also been influential in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, particularly to the understanding of nuclear spin-spin coupling and electron spin resonance spectroscopy. The Karplus equation describing the correlation between coupling constants and dihedral angles in protein nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is named after him.

Michael Levitt, FRS(born 9 May 1947) is an American-British-Israeli biophysicist and a professor of structural biology at Stanford University since 1987. His research is in computational biology and he is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Levitt was one of the first researchers to conduct molecular dynamics simulations of DNA and proteins and developed the first software for this purpose. He is currently well known for developing approaches to predict macromolecular structures, having participated in many Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction (CASP) competitions, where he criticized molecular dynamics for inability to refine protein structures. He has also worked on simplified representations of protein structure for analyzing folding and packing and developing scoring systems for large-scale sequence-structure comparisons.

Arieh Warshel (born November 20, 1940) is an Israeli-American Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Southern California. Warshel is known for his work on computational biochemistry and biophysics, in particular for pioneering computer simulations of the functions of biological systems, and for developing what is known today as Computational Enzymology.


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