Heaviest Man and Woman in the World

Heaviest Living Person
Manuel Uribe from Mexico is the heaviest living man and Second most heaviest person ever recorded after Jon Brower Minnoch. Manuel weighed 444.6 kg as of March 2012. At his absolute heaviest, He peaked at 560 kg in January 2006. He was able to drop his weight up to 360 KG with the help of Medical assistance, as documented in October 2006. Although he has been bed-bound since 2002, Manuel married his second wife, Claudia Solis, in 2008.


Name: Manuel Uribe
Country: Maxico
Born: 11 June 1965
Title: Heaviest Living Person
Peak Weight: 560 KG

Heaviest Person Ever
The heaviest person ever in medical history was Jon Brower Minnoch who had suffered from obesity since childhood. Jon Brower Minnoch was born on September 29, 1941 in Bainbridge Island, Washington state , USA. At the age of 12, Minnoch weighed 132 kg. He was 6 ft 1 inch tall at age 22 and weighed 178 kg. In the next measurement taken in 1966, He was 317 kg and 442 kg in September 1976. In March 1978, He was admitted to University Hospital in Seattle, Washington, USA. where consultant endocrinologist Dr Robert Schwartz calculated his weight to be more than 635 kg. After 16 months, He was discharged from the hospital with weight of 215 kg, having lost 419 kg, the largest human weight loss ever documented. He lived on a strict diet of 1,200 calories per day. He was re-admitted to hospital in October 1981 and died on September 10, 1983 (aged 41) due to incurable Edema. He weighed 362 kg at the time of death.


Name: Jon Brower Minnoch
Country: USA
Born: September 29, 1941
Died: September 10, 1983
Title: Heaviest Person Ever/Largest human weight loss ever
Peak Weight: 635 KG

Heaviest Woman Ever
Rosalie Bradford of USA was claimed to have registered a peak weight of 544 kg in January 1987. She was born on August 27, 1943 in USA. She was abandoned by her mother, that made her compulsive overeater since childhood. At age 14, she weighed 92 kg and 140 kg, one year later.  Under frustration and depression she attempted to commit suicide taking overdose of painkillers but as she was too heavy, painkillers were not enough effective except to made her sleep for some days. She contacted famous fitness expert Richard Simmons. Under his guidance, she dropped 190 KG weight in a year. She remained consistent and lost a total of 416 kg weight in unexpected time. Rosalie Bradford passed away on November 29, 2006. She is registered in Guinness book for having lost the most weight by a woman.


Name: Rosalie Bradford
Country: USA
Born: August 27, 1943
Died: November 29, 2006
Title: Heaviest Woman Ever (Claimed)/Most Weight Loss by a Woman
Peak Weight: 544 KG

Heaviest Living Woman
The heaviest woman living is Pauline Potter of USA, who weighed 291.6 kg on 13 May 2010. Her father was over 600 pounds and her mother was 400, that is why she is suffering from the same problem.



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