Diwali - Facts, History and Importance

Diwali In History

Diwali Is The Most Famous Festival Of India. Universe Knows India Because Of Such Festivals. Diwali Or Deepavali Also Known As Festival Of Light. There Are Many Historical Facts Behind Diwali Which Are Not Known To Common People.

Most Important Fact Which You All Knows Is "Return Of Lord Rama"
Lord Rama Returned Back To His Kingdom Ayudhya After Long Exile Of 14 Years On This Day Or We Can Say That It Was First Time When People Celebrated Deepavali.

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According To Hindu Shastras Diwali Is Celebrated For 5 Days After Govatsa Dwadashi As Follows :
1. Dhan Teras ( Dhana Trayodashi Or Yama deepdaan Or Asweyuja Bahula Tarayodashi )
2. Naraka Chaturdashi ( Kali Choudas, Roop Chaturdashi Or Chhoti Diwali)
3. Diwali ( Deepavali, Lakshami Pooja )
4. Govardhana Pooja 
5. Bhaiya Dooj Or Yama Davitiya

Bhagwan Mahavira Attained Nirvana On This Day In 527 BC At Pavapuri. So It Is A Very Special Day For Jainism Followers. It Is Known As "Deva Diwali"

Sikh Guru Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Was Released From His Imprisonment before some Days from Diwali along with 52 Kings From Gwalior Prison. When Guruji Reached Amritsar Diwali was being Celebrated all Over. When people came to know that Guruji has arrived, They enlightened the Whole Amritsar with Diyas, Candles and Lamps. from that Day, The Day Is Known As "Bandi Chhor Divas" Diwali Of Amritsar, Punjab Is The Most Famous Diwali Celebrated In The World.

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Marwari New Year Is Celebrated On The Day Of Diwali. Many Other Regions In India Also Assumes Diwali As The First Day Of New Year.


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