Some Interesting Facts About Diamond

Some Interesting Facts About Diamond

( Diamond In Chemistry )

Diamond Is A Typical Example Of Covalent Crystal. It Has A Network Structure Consisiting Of A Very Large Number Of Carbon Atoms Bonded To Each Other. Each Carbon Atom Is Sp3 Hybridised And Is Bonded To 4 Other Carbon Atoms By Single Covalent Bond. 
There Is A 3-Dimensional Network Of Strong Covalent Bonds. This Makes Diamond An Extremely Hard Crystal With Very High Melting Point. Since All The Valence Electrons Of Carbon Are Strongly Held In Carbon – Carbon Bonds, It Is A Poor Conductor Of Electricity.


It Is Hardest Natural Mineral Substance On Earth. We Often Says Diamond Is The Hardest Substance Known But It Is Not. Yes It Was, Till Fullerene Was Not Known To Us. Fullerene Is About 11% Harder Than The Diamond.


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